When you're self quarantining and can't get out to get your favorite foods, let the food come to you. Food trucks are rolling through central New York, making donut deliveries and pizza parties.

Glazed & Confused in Syracuse has doorstep donut deliveries. You can call 315-214-5544 for free delivery, within an 8 mile radius and a minimum $15 order. You can also order from GrubHub or pickup in store. Only one customer is allowed in at a time for safety.

Paul Valenti, owner of Glazed & Confused, got the idea for doorstep donut deliveries after a customer ordered boxes for her neighbors. "We left the boxes on the doorsteps, rang the bell and left," Valenti told Syracuse.com.

And neighbors are loving it. One even left a thank you in the driveway.

Photo Credit - Veruska Dantuono
Photo Credit - Veruska Dantuono

Toss & Fire Wood Fired Pizza is also offering pizza truck driveway service in Syracuse. If your neighborhood would like pizza for dinner, Toss & Fire will bring the truck to town.

1. A way to contact your neighbors letting them know our pizza truck will be on site. We will then set up an online ordering link allowing everyone to pre-order and set up a pickup time. Your neighbors drive up, pick up there pizza and head home to enjoy! (Observing all social distancing requirements). You’ll receive a text message when your order is ready for pickup.
2. A driveway to park our truck in, we must be on private property as we are not permitted to sell on the street.
3. Minimum order of (60) 10” pizzas is required to have the truck come on site for a 2 hour serving time. We will have online ordering so all orders can be done in advance with no cash exchange, everything digital.
4. We are currently traveling upwards of 20 miles away for this service.

Get more details at Tossnfirepizza.com.

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