The old saying "kids will be kids" apparently doesn't wash with a Florida homeowners association. The directors of the 48-unit townhouse development, Persimmon Place, is proposing a new set of rules that, according to, is most definitely not kid friendly. Just how restrictive is it?


Rule No. 4 states: “Minor children will not be under the direct control of a responsible adult at all times. Children will not be permitted to run, play tag, or act boisterously on the association property. Skateboarding, ‘Big Wheels,’ or loud or obnoxious toys are prohibited.” The rule also states that children aren’t allowed to play in driveways or the front or rear areas of other units. Those who violate the rule will be hit with a $100 fine.

via Florida housing complex wants to ban kids from playing in street | The Mommy Files | an blog.

It seems the complex was once the province of a mostly elderly resident population and has no playground area for kids to recreate in. Those in favor of the rule change say "safety" is the reasoning behind the new restrictions.

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