During Thanksgiving of 2018, we will all remember that The Romaine Empire has fallen and that Caesar is dead. However, the FDA is now reporting that "some" romaine lettuce is safe to eat.

ABC news reports The Food and Drug Administration's investigation determined that the romaine tied to the outbreak comes from "end of season" lettuce harvested in California. This was sold in New York, and was linked to some of the illness:

"Based on further discussions with the leafy greens industry and with agricultural authorities, we have begun to narrow the location in which we believe the contaminated romaine in the current outbreak was grown. At the time of the outbreak, the vast majority of the romaine on the market was being grown in the Central Coast region of California. Since, then harvesting of romaine lettuce from this region has ended for the year," FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said."

However, it looks like it may be safe to add romaine to your salads once again.

The shifting growing seasons mean that areas like Yuma, Arizona, and parts of Florida will be the main sources for U.S.-produced romaine. The FDA is working to help shoppers identify potentially contaminated lettuce by labeling the source of their greens along with a harvest date.

The FDA and CDC say if the lettuce doesn't have that information printed on the packaging, you should not eat or use it.

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