Remember when the Atari 2600 was the state of the art gaming system?  The 7800? One of my favorites to this day is Moon Patrol, although Frogger, Pole Position,  Q *bert and Pittfall! saw plenty of time too.  What was your favorite?

Moon Patrol

That's not a fuzzy picture, it's just 80's graphics.  I spent hours jumping moon rocks and craters, evading aliens and eventually timing the rocket to beat Moon Patrol.  Three generations of the Pole Family still occasionally pull out the 'ol Atari, blow into the end of the game cartridge and fire up a game.  Of course we're modern day folk, and have upgraded to the 7800.


Atari 7800
ebay user thomasp5989

Did you have a favorite 80's game? Pac Man was the big game of the day, but I went for the crazy ones too, like Circus Atari, YAZ and Winter Games.  Vote for your favorite and share some memories too.

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