We have exciting news. There's another option to purchase fresh and locally grown food in central New York.

Wagner Farms Event Center is opening a farmers' market on July 16th and running it through October 31st on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10 a.m. to close. They'll feature fresh fruits and vegetables, organic produce, plants, soaps, meats, and other unique items.

Only 5 vendors per day are allowed, so act quickly if you're are interested. Here are the pricing and details:

  • $100 for the season for one day a week spots or $10 a day.
  • 2 days a week for the season is $175
  • The full 3 day week is set at $225.
  • A tent with weights is required, along with proper liability insurance.
  • Venders can keep their vehicles at the selling location.
  • Vendors can set up at 8 am and have 2 hours for the takedown.
  • Vendors are welcome to partake in our activities for free while there.
  • On-site restrooms, drinks, and food available.

Wagner Farms has always sold their own fresh vegetables, but as the farm grows, they also want their variety to grow, giving you plenty of options.

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The new farmers' market will pair perfectly with their CSA program. It's a pre-paid debit program of either $150 or $300 that allows you to buy seasonal produce, seeds, starter-plants, local honey, maple syrup, NYS cheese, baked goods, and much more while helping your local farmer. Wagner Farms says:

It's not your average CSA, cash flow is important in agriculture, the CSA model gives farmers cash flow up front and you the products you so desire in season, ours gives you a full years worth of buying power, from the day you buy through December 31st 2021.

Wagner Farms is so much more than produce. They have a great event center, the outdoor venue offers sunflowers, wagon rides, corn and sunflower mazes, live music, and special events, and is included with your CSA purchase. Yes, you'll receive a VIP pass to enjoy everything they offer.

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