The good news is we should have a typical winter in Central New York. The bad news is, the snowstorms may come all at once in what the Farmers' Almanac is calling a 'Winter Whopper.'

The extended winter forecast from the Farmers' Almanac predicts a frosty flip-flop winter with January storms, a tranquil February, and a noreaster in March. "There will be snow, but probably not as much as snow-sport enthusiasts might dream of. On average, we’ll see near-normal amounts of the white stuff from coast to coast."


January may start off nice but it won't end that way. The cold will slowly creep into Central New York. The Farmers' Almanac predicts mild temperatures to start, but colder weather will begin during the middle to the latter part of the month. As for the snow, it looks like there will be plenty to play in. "The Great Lakes will have more than their fair share of cold and flaky weather in January."


There may be a bit of a break from all the stormy weather for most of the month of February with 57% fewer days of measurable precipitation compared to January. "February will average out to be a much quieter month in terms of storminess."

Central New York may get buried at the end of the month in what the Farmers' Almanac is calling a 'winter whopper' for parts of the Northeast.


March will live up to its slogan of in like a lion, but it won't be going out like a lamb. Although the Northeast is predicted to see close to normal precipitation, it'll come in big doses. "A late winter storm will blow in at mid-month followed by a nor’easter along the East Coast toward month’s end."

As for the temperatures, warm days will be few and far between. "Around the time of the vernal equinox, which occurs on March 20, unseasonably cold temperatures may grip many parts of the country."

It sounds like the Great Lakes and Northeast will need to have the snowblowers ready for "potent winter storms" during the second week of January, the last week of February, and the second week of March. We'll also need to keep the winter clothing out a little longer with a late Spring predicted.

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