Utica New York's legendary unofficial Mayor Rainbow Young is moving to New York City. Utica will celebrate Rainbow with a farewell party.

Rainbow is Utica's street musician and local celebrity who is often seen around bars on Varick Street playing various instruments, hanging out at trivia nights, and playing his guitar on Genesee Street in South Utica. It was reported by the Utica OD that he is leaving Utica for New York City next month.

To wish him well, Say What Marketing Services has organized a sendoff party for Rainbow at 8PM on Thursday, May 26th at The Hub Eatery on Bleecker Street.

This is a time for those who appreciate what he's been doing for US day after day without the promise of pay for FOUR AND A HALF DECADES to come together and spend our positive energy on him, to ensure that he doesn't leave without knowing that his presence REALLY mattered in this place. His next place is receiving one of our deepest treasures, so we HOPE that they'll value him as they should."

According to the Facebook event post, this party will include music, food and local performers. Proceeds from the event will go to Rainbow for his journey

Rainbow has opened for local bands, he’s appeared in local commercials, he ran for mayor of the music festival moe.down and was an official performer along the course of  Utica’s Boilermaker Road Race.

“Love and peace and harmony, that’s what we supposed to live for.” - Rainbow Young

You can read a really cool Rainbow back story from the Utica OD.

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