Someone is vandalizing cars and slashing tires in central New York and one mother is afraid her family is in danger.

Several people had their vehicles vandalized in the Happy Valley Road, Germany Road and Higginsville Road area in Verona. Someone slashed the tires on 6 different vehicles, 24 tires in total. The vandal also tried to break the windows out of one of the vehicles leaving gouges in the glass. "At some point during the incident this person wounded themselves and there is a good amount of blood on all of our vehicles, Tori Fink shared on Facebook, in a effort to identify the individual responsibly.

Photo Credit - Tori Fink
Photo Credit - Tori Fink

The authorities are investigating, hoping to find a DNA match to the swabbed blood. "If you have any idea who this person is, or know somebody with a nasty gash on their hand please contact the Oneida County police department and help us find this criminal," urges Fink.

This is the second time tires have been slashed in the last 3 months at the Fink home. "This person is escalating quickly and I am afraid my family is in danger," said Fink. "Somebody is clearly upset with us but we have no idea who or why."

Home owners in the area are asked to check their security cameras for a vehicle driving by multiple times between 2am and 3am on Sunday, July 19th. "We believe it is a pick up truck with a headache rack but can not tell for sure as the vehicle is too far to properly make out," said Fink.

A $1,200 reward is being offered for any information on who is responsible.

"The victims of this crime are hard working individuals who have worked hard to get where they are and would do anything for anybody," said Fink.

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