Facebook groups for kids that are popping up in central New York are a warning to parents - be careful where you share information about your child.

Several unique groups have been created since the coronavirus pandemic. There's the Wine Fairies who drop off wine to people's porches. There's the beer group for guys, so they don't get left out on the fun. Now there are groups for kids, like 'Get Juiced,' so children can get treats too. But beware what you share.

Avoid posting addresses, ages, pictures or any personal information on your child in social media groups. You don't know who can see your information or what it's being used for.

Any information shared in public social media groups is available for anyone to see, including sex offenders, pedophiles, kidnappers and criminals. It seems like common sense but it's still happening.

Keep in mind, there are several different sex offenders levels and rules they must follow. Get the latest from Jeff Buckley of the Rome Police Department who put together a 'Sex Offender Registration Informational Video,' that you can watch below. You can also check for convicted sex offenders in your neighborhood online at Criminaljustice.ny.gov.

"Never give out any personal information over social media in regards to your children," says Rome Police officer Jeff Buckley. "You have no idea who the information is being provided to or what the information is being used for, no matter how good the intentions may appear."

The idea to leave something special for children is a good one. Leaving addresses where children live on social media, where anyone can see, is not.

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