After first taking a selfie with the Big Frog 104 talent, Tyler Farr took a minute before his set at FrogFest 2014 to chat with Polly Wog and answer some of her questions.

Most Embarrassing Moment?

I've had a lot. I jump off the stage a lot and sometimes it doesn't always work out the best. We were playing a concert venue, and there was an orchestra pit. I used my guitar to try and figure out how far it was, it happened to be about a nine foot drop. Long story short, I didn't land the landing. I had a couple of bruises on my hind quarters, but that's about it. It looked like I got hit in the butt with a bag on nickels.

If there was to be a movie about your life, what would the title be?

Oh sweet Jesus.

Weirdest autograph request?

To sign a woman's baby. I don't sign babies.

I just wanna talk about your single, I mean, top ten! You've got to be excited about that?

We are. We were blessed enough to have 'Redneck Crazy' at number one, and to have another song in the top ten, people singing it back out with Aldean (Jason) and Florida Georgia Line all year and hearing ten, fifteen thousand, twenty thousand singing back to us. It's what I want to perform for. It's amazing, and to have the support of country radio up here in New York, and all across the country. It's just been amazing.

When you perform, it looks like you mingle and get in there, you're everywhere!

It's my workout for the day. I enjoy getting able to have that as a workout. I spend a lot of hours on the bus. Don't get to move around a lot, so I might go out there and dance with a grandma.

One thing you'll never do?

I always try everything once.

If you weren't a singer, Plan B would be?

To work in the outdoors. But hopefully we don't have a Plan B.


Tyler also explained to Polly the meaning behind the 44 bullet necklace that he wears around his neck.

My girlfriend gave it to me for our one year.


Well how sweet! Thanks to Tyler for taking the time to talk to us and for performing at FrogFest 2014!

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