Will the real Adam Sandler please stand up. Max Kessler, a Syracuse University grad, has an uncanny resemblance to the Hollywood actor, a comparison he's heard for years.

"I went to camp and it was the first thing the kids said. My nickname became Adam. Then the second I got to Syracuse University, my freshman year, that's all that was told to me," says Kessler

A friend of Kessler posted a photo of him and Sandler that quickly went viral on Reddit. "We were all watching. It got over 6 million views. It's crazy."

What's even crazier is Sandler was one of the 6 million who saw the post. "I got a notification on my phone that Adam Sandler commented on your link. I went nuts."

Sandler wanted to know 'can you do this?' Kessler obliged, asking 'impressed?'


Sandler must have been impressed since he invited Max to the premiere of his movie 'The Do-Over' to 'can come party with the better Max Kessler,' Sandler's character in the movie. "We'll see if those words are true," jokes the REAL Kessler.

The trip to L.A. begins tomorrow for Kessler who's been wondering what he's going to say to Sandler when he gets there. "That's a good question. I've thought a lot about it. I want to thank him for inviting me and definitely ask if he thinks he looks like me."

The uncanny resemblance is perfect for a future movie featuring Kessler as Sandler's son or long lost twin brother. "One step at a time. If the opportunity arises, why not," says Kessler.

The resemblance isn't what turned Kessler into a Sandler fan. He says he's been watching his movies for awhile. "I loved a lot of his movies growing up and then when people compared me to him I guess I took more of a liking to him. He's a really funny guy so it wasn't hard to be a fan of his."

Although Kessler likes all of Sandler's work, he says he does have one favorite. "I would say Big Daddy." Ironically Sandler's character in that movie was a graduate of Kessler's alma mater, Syracuse University. "Go SU."

‘The Do-Over’ comes out on Netflix May 27th for those of us who don’t look like Sandler and didn’t get an invite to the premiere May 16th.

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