Is Santa real? He is if you ask 3 year-old Christopher Peters of Rome, who met the man that helps St. Nick every year.

The magical story happened when Alexis Peters and her two kids met a stranger at the Rome Moe's. "My son had his eyes locked on him from the moment he walked in. He said ‘Momma *wook* a *piwot*!!’"

My son gave him a hug and told him Thanks, Merry Christmas and to ‘*fwhy* safe up there Mister

Christopher waited patiently for the stranger to finish his meal before approaching him. "He finally walked up to the man and said “Cuse me Mister, are you a Piwot?’ The man’s face lit up and said ‘Why yes I am buddy,’" says Peters.

The 'piwot' took time to show the kids pictures of his plane and video of him flying but Peters says, "the picture that really warmed my heart is the one he showed of helping Santa refuel his sleigh. My kids eyes lit up and their faces were just priceless."


After a 20 minute conversation, the family went on their way, but not before saying goodbye. "My son gave him a hug and told him Thanks, Merry Christmas and to ‘*fwhy* safe up there Mister,'" says Peters.

The moment touched Peters and her kids, especially Christopher who is still talking about meeting a REAL 'piwot,' who helps Santa fly around the world on Christmas Eve.

The identity of the pilot is as mysterious as Santa Claus himself. No one seems to know who he is or where he's from. Peters says she just wants him to know how much the moment meant. "Who ever you are Mr. Pilot, wearing the black North Face fleece jacket and dress blues, eating at Moe’s, I wanted to say thank you. My kids have had a rough year and taking those few minutes to tell them stories really made their day and mine as well. Your kindness hasn’t gone unnoticed."

Fwhy safe Mr Piwot, whoever you are and may Santa get you home in time to spend Christmas with your family.

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