The old adage every ending is a new beginning was never truer than in the career of Kix Brooks.  After spending 20 years as half of country music's hottest duo, Brooks and Dunn, Kix's life didn't slow down when they retired the act in 2012.   In our exclusive interview, he talks about his new movie project, 'Ambush at Dark Canyon' and how a guy named Leon Eric Brooks gets the name Kix.

Even before Brooks and Dunn had thought about retiring, Kix already had several irons in the fire.  In 2006 he became host of the radio show,  American Country Countdown heard on Big Frog Saturday Nights at 8 and in 2007 he began his Arrington Vineyards outside of Nashville.   And last year, he launched a film company, Team Two Entertainment.  Of course he still writes and records music and tours.  So what does he do with all his free time?  Kix has the lead role in the movie, 'Ambush at Dark Canyon.'

Workaholic Kix also wrote and produced  the soundtrack for the movie with some of his "writer buddies" as well.  One of those buddies, Randy Houser also got some screen time in the movie, where Kix says "they roughed him up every chance they got."

Ambush at Dark Canyon just became available at Walmart and "On Demand." Kix says "he's shocked and presently surprised" at the number of views so far.  It will be released to all retailers in March and there is a planned theatrical release later in the year.  Watch the movie trailer below as well as the video for the song he and Randy Houser wrote, "High in the Saddle" below.

As for his other endeavors, the awards still roll in.  Kix was named the 2013 CMA National Broadcast Personality of the Year for his American Country Countdown radio show.  Kix says he enjoys doing the show to share in the enthusiasm with the new artists who are finding their first success.  He also answers the question we have always wanted to ask, "Where does the name "Kix" come from?"

Check out the movie trailer.


High in the Saddle

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