Remember Max Kessler, the Ada Sandler look-a-like who met his doppelganger on the red carpet? The SU grad is back in Hollywood to follow in Sandler's footsteps as 'The Juan' in a new movie trailer.

Kessler received several calls when the who Adam Sandler look a like story went viral but he says he wanted to wait until hearing from Sandler. That was until he got one call that caught his attention. "He actually was the technology behind the Tupac hologram at Coachella. It looked like a really good opportunity and I figured I'd look good in a mustache so I took it."

YouTube via The Juan
YouTube via The Juan

Kessler just returned from LA after shooting a 3 scene pitch that is being shopped to studios like NBC and HBO. "It's a horror movie because I have a mustache," jokes Kessler. "It's really a comedy. I think the 3 scenes are funny. It's a little embarrassing to see yourself on camera but being on set for the first time was really cool."

Before heading to LA Kessler says he had acting and voice lessons. "I could have benefitted from a couple more weeks of voice lessons. To learn on set with actors that have been in various roles, that was helpful."

Kessler plays a Jewish boy from Mexico who comes to the Unites States . He meets a black girl that he takes on a date in his U-Haul. "The 2 hardest parts were keeping a straight face. These guys are funny and I'm not suppose to laugh during the scene which is hard. The other hard part was making it fluid. Really understanding the role and how I'm suppose to act."

See the trailer below and watch all 3 trailers from 'The Juan' on YouTube.


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