A rose by any other name may smell the same, or whatever that Shakespeare dude said, but take the donuts out of the Dunkin' Donuts name and people lose their ****. So what's all the fuss?

In an attempt to streamline their name and perhaps appear more "today," the company has decided to drop the donuts from their name and market themselves simply as Dunkin'. It's probably how must of us referred to them anyway.

With most people never reading past a headline many just saw, "Dunkin Dropping Donuts." There were near riots in the street, or at least at some drive thru's, or maybe just at my house. Rest assured, Dunkin's Tony Weisman says we'll still be able to get our Boston Kreme and Chocolate Long John fixes.

we remain committed to serving our signature donuts and will continue to offer new and seasonal varieties to delight donut lovers everywhere. There is no Dunkin’ without donuts!

Weisman says the new logo will first appear on napkins, bags, and cups and in advertising and marketing campaigns with the start of the new year. Here's Dunkin's official press release.


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