Meet Duke. He desperately needs a Christmas miracle before it's too late.

Duke had cancer. His tumors were removed but he may get more and no one knows how much longer he has. The dog that's called the Stevens Swan Humane Society home for the last four years hopes to spend what time he has left in a forever home.

The humane society is all Duke knows, but everyone at Stevens Swan knows nothing compares to an actual home. He needs to be in a place with an experienced dog handler that doesn't have a lot of visitors or young children. "We understand it's a long shot with Duke's medical problems and restrictions, but we're still hoping for a Christmas miracle. We want to see Duke spend whatever time he has left in a loving home," says a post that's been shared over 500 times on Facebook.

You can ask to see Duke at the front desk of Stevens Swan Humane Society. He is neutered, current on vaccines and microchipped. If you have any questions about Duke you can call 315-738-4357.

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