Could you ever imagine you and your friends racing in a long dragon boat? Well now you can make that vision a reality.

The Oswego Dragon Boat Festival is finally making a return to the City of Oswego on August 6th after a three year hiatus. It's an event like no other, drawing in both locals and people from all over the state to compete in a race along Lake Ontario.

Credit - Oswego Dragon Boat Festival
Credit - Oswego Dragon Boat Festival & Limelight Studios Photography

Join in on the competition, or watch as teams of 16-20 paddlers (and a drummer) race head-to-head in Hong Kong-style dragon boats. The 200-meter race happens right off the shoreline of Lake Ontario, next to Breitbeck Park.

The best thing about the races is anyone can join! Your skill level doesn't matter at all. It's all about working with your team and having the best synchrony, finesse, and power to win the race.

Credit - Oswego Dragon Boat Festival
Credit - Oswego Dragon Boat Festival

While you aren't racing, you can enjoy a beautiful day on Lake Ontario. Have a picnic with your friends or get lunch from the food trucks. There's also tons of games and live music to enjoy as well. All proceeds go to support the Oswego YMCA.

By registering your team, you will get one practice day along with your entry to Saturday's event. It will cost $1,500 for Corporate and $1,000 for Community teams. Which if you break it down by 20 people, it's only $50 to compete in the fun event.

Credit - Oswego Dragon Boat Festival
Credit - Oswego Dragon Boat Festival

Days are limited to register so call now to reserve a boat for your team! Call today to sign up at 315-342-6082. It'll be a day of fun you're sure to never forget.

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