With the extreme cold temperatures, please remember to not leave your pets outside. A dog was found frozen to death in Syracuse.

Syracuse Police and the Central New York SPCA confirm that an investigation is underway into the circumstances surrounding the animal's death. According to CNY Central, It's not clear where the animal was found, or how long it had been out in freezing weather.

The discovery comes as staff at the CNY SPCA have addressed at least a dozen extra animal cruelty calls this week which they attribute to the cold. While following cruelty investigators for our report Thursday, CNYCentral was there when investigators were called to a home in the Town of Onondaga and a dog named Sparky was found shivering in the cold. Investigators knocked on the door of the house, but there was no answer.

Police said they hope to finish the investigation soon. Police and the CNY SPCA urge people who see an animal in danger to call a local shelter or 911.


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