Talk about a conundrum, how do you survey a group of people about their experiences with access to the internet and broadband services, if they don't have access to the internet and broadband services? The Mohawk Valley Economic Development District has created a website specifically to address internet concerns in Oneida and Herkimer Counties, here's how to share you don't have internet access.

Take a quick trip into the Adirondacks, The Mohawk Valley, or farming country and you'll experience the slow, spotty, or complete lack of internet services. Imagine living or owning a business or farm in one of these locations where broadband is a “hit or miss” service. When the pandemic forced schools into remote learning and many had to work from home, this problem was magnified a hundred times over. To solve this issue, first you have to identify the exact problem.

The Mohawk Valley Economic Development District is attempting to accomplish this feat with a survey of rural homes and businesses and their access, or lack thereof, to the internet. The problem? You can’t complete an online survey without the internet. The solution is enlisting everyone's help in reaching those most in need of improved broadband services.

Residents can call the broadband hotline, (315) 838-5398 and take a completely confidential survey over the phone, or visit their local public libraries and take the survey with the assistance of a librarian if they need it. The goal of the survey is to identify the issues with the availability of the internet and the challenges in being bale to use the service.

our personal and economic well being rely on access to strong, affordable Internet access. Communities across the country are learning how critical Internet access is to support jobs, education, health care and more.

If you are able to complete the survey online from your home, a free speed test is available to determine the quality of your internet service. By completing the assessment, it will help identify the internet issues and enable the development group to apply for federal and state grants to alleviate issues and increase the quality of service.

Separate surveys are available for residents and businesses in both Oneida and Herkimer counties. If you operate a business from home, it's encourage to fill out both the business and residential surveys. Learn more about the initiative and share your internet experience at the Mohawk Valley Economic Development District's website or call (315) 838-5398.

Know someone without access to the internet? Share this story and how they can take the survey.

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