Back in the summer of 2016, here in Upstate New York disco was born again. This time forget the clothing and the dance moves, just remember to enjoy a drink. The Life of Reilley Distilling Company near Cazenovia is proud to announce that Disco Lemonade will be sold in stores and watering holes all over the state.

Disco Lemonade is New York state's first "cocktail in a can" from farm to distillery that's been approved. What Disco Lemonade is is a mix of the local raspberry vodka, lemonade, and locally sourced mint leafs that have been infused inside the drink. They made this big announcement via YouTube.

Ben Reilley of the local company is hoping to get it in your hands by the fourth of July. You can sample other products of the Life Of Reilley Distilling Company at many local liquor and drink stores across Central New York.



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