A Camden man who spends a lot of time in the hospital, honored the men and women who take care of him with an epic Halloween costume.

Seth Kelly is 21 years old and was a victim of shaken baby with blunt force trauma to the head at 7 and 1/2 weeks. "He was in full cardiac arrest and due to the medical personnel and Seth being a fighter he was brought back to us," says his mom Katherine Bird. "But he does have many life threatening medical issues due to the abuse."

Seth has a community lab worker that comes and works with him. Her name is Meg Whitney. "She is awesome with him and goes above and beyond her job to make Seth's time with her a fun way to learn. She always comes up with new ideas on how to keep Seth engaged."

Due to his medical condition Seth has always been around EMTs and has become very close to them due to the constant trips to the ER. With his love for EMTs Meg decided to help Seth make the ambulance costume for Halloween. "She took the time to help him plan out the costume and allowed him to help paint and decorate it as well," says Bird.

The ambulance not only moves but lights up too, giving Seth the best Halloween costume this year in central New York.

Katherine Bird
Katherine Bird


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