Did Facebook share your information with Cambridge Analytica? Here's how you can find out.

Facebook is notifying users who were affected but you can check by following the link below. Facebook recently shared information about the potential misuse of your Facebook data by apps and websites, especially 'This is Your Digital Life,' the app Cambridge used to get your information.

When I clicked the link this is what they found for my Facebook account:

Based on our investigation, you don't appear to have logged into "This Is Your Digital Life" with Facebook before we removed it from our platform in 2015. However, a friend of yours did log in. As a result, the following information was likely shared with "This Is Your Digital Life": Your public profile, Page likes, birthday and current city

So even though I DIDN'T use the app, I was still compromised.

Facebook has promised to "put stronger protections in place to prevent future abuse," but until then here's a step by step video on how to block the apps tracking you on Facebook.

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