Phase Three starts today in five regions of New York State, including the Mohawk Valley and Central New York. While retailers have been open for weeks and restaurants are opening for indoor dining today, businesses inside Destiny USA are still not able to reap the benefits of the reopening process.

Pyramid Management Group, the group that owns the Syracuse-based mall, released a statement Friday morning that said food and dining owners within Destiny are demanding fairness from New York State to be allowed to reopen with other restaurants within the region.

"At Destiny USA, we represent many of the 247 businesses and employ over 1,000 residents in our community. Our livelihoods are at stake, and we are anxious and ready to get back to work to support our families, who are depending on us at this critical time," World of Beer owner Neil Patel said in the statement. "We’re simply asking not to be treated any differently than those restaurants that are being allowed to open under similar circumstances."

The statement included a list of 41 restaurants in Destiny that are ready to reopen with social distancing guidelines and other restrictions with guidance from the CDC.

1. 110 Grill
2. Apex Entertainment
3. Arby’s
4. Auntie Anne’s
5. Burger King
6. Beef Jerky Outlet
7. Burger King
8. Cajun Café
9. Cantina Laredo
10. Carmel Corn
11. Charley’s Philly Steaks
12. Chicken Now
13. China Express
14. Cold Stone Creamery
15. Cheesecake Factory
16. Dave & Buster’s
17. Dough Life
18. Dunkin’ Donuts
19. Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters
20. Gertrude’s Chocolates
21. It’s Sugar
22. Johnny Rockets
23. Koto
24. Kung Fu Tea
25. Lindt Chocolate
26. Margaritaville
27. Panera Bread
28. Pepper Palace
29. PF Chang’s
30. Poke Noodle
31. Popeye’s
32. Razzle Dazzle
33. Roll Roll Ice Cream
34. Sbarro
35. Starbucks
36. Sweet Yummy
37. Taco Bell
38. Texas de Brazil
39. TGI Friday’s
40. Utea
41. World of Beer

Earlier this month, PMG released a statement asking Governor Cuomo's office to reconsider his decision to not allow mall retailers to open during Phase Two. According to NYup, spokesperson Jason Conwall responded to the statement, saying malls have more enclosed areas than individual retailers that allow more people to congregate at one time. He also said malls encourage people to "window shop" rather than just purchase the items they need and leave.

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The only businesses at Destiny that have been able to open so far are those with exterior entrances, including Dick's Sporting Goods, Lord + Taylor and Panera Bread (for outdoor dining). JC Penney is also open starting today through its exterior entrance.

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