Destiny USA of Syracuse, and Sangertown Square Mall of New Hartford, are both dropping face mask requirements.

Both mall locations won't require fully vaccinated customers to wear a mask in the mall starting Wednesday (5/19) in accordance with the latest guidance from New York State and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

We are very pleased that the State of New York and the surrounding region continue to make progress rebounding from the pandemic. Hats off to all those who have done their part in bringing the difficulties of the past 15 months closer to an end and to all of our guests who have been fully vaccinated."

Both mall locations are strongly encouraging all guests to continue to wear a mask as
individual venue rules may differ. This means some businesses may still require masks for everyone, while shopping in their store. Also remember, those who are not fully vaccinated will need to wear a mask.

Friendly reminder: If a restaurant or business in New York State asks for a proof of a COVID-19 vaccination card, this is not a HIPAA violation. Businesses, airlines, restaurants, and more, are not healthcare providers. This means they are not governed by HIPAA laws.

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Masks are still required in nursing homes, healthcare facilities in schools and on public transits. Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente says it’s about time, and good news and something he’s been pushing for for a long time.

Picente says he hopes getting rid of the mask mandate will ultimately lead to more people getting vaccinated. The County Executive says local businesses can make a decision on masks based on their comfort level."

You can read more on his thoughts from WIBX.

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