It is one thing to own a luxury car, it's another to own one of these. Perhaps the pinnacle of luxury cars.

We're not talking Mercedes, Audi, or Cadillac, here we are talking about a Rolls Royce. When it comes to pure elegance, there is no other car that can touch a Rolls. Brand new right now you easily will spend nearly half a million dollars if you want to own one. Even fairly newer used Rolls Royces cost an arm and a leg, but not this 1976 Silver Shadow.

It would be hard to describe a Silver Shadow as rare per se, but they are not easy to find at all. There is one, however, right in Vernon and it could be all yours. Instead of needing gobs and gobs of cash, $6,000 could make this one yours. The owner is selling it after a loved one passed away and says it was being driven before he died. Owning it won't come without a few little hiccups.

So What's The Catch?

Simple. It needs a little work. But, at the same time, it really doesn't. If you want it perfect and pristine, sure, you'll have to sink a little money into it. If you don't mind some of the trim being cracked or leather being worn and ripped in places, this could be a nice and fairly fancy option for cheap.

All this beauty really needs is a little tender, love, and care, along with a solid deep clean of the interior. The silver paint and the chrome on the exterior seem to be in pretty decent shape for its age.

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