Deana Carter is turning to the court system for help in dealing with a fan she says has been stalking her for several years.

The "Strawberry Wine" singer filed suit against William Arthur Bukauskas of Plano, Texas in Collin County Court on July 24, Courthouse News Service reports. The 49-year-old singer-songwriter alleges that Bukauskas has stalked her at church, at her live performances, by phone and via emails. She also says he has falsely claimed that he represents her in business and that they are romantically involved, and she fears for her safety and the safety of her son.

According to her legal complaint, Bukauskas began to "harass, embarrass and annoy" Carter and "seriously jeopardize" her career in early 2013.

"Defendant's initial contact with plaintiff began as that of an overzealous fan," the legal filing states. "However, his persistent, unauthorized, unwelcome, and uninvited actions have quickly become much more than fandom. Recently, Mr. Bukauskas began communication with event venues under the false pretense of representing Ms. Carter's professional interest in an attempt to procure private performances by Ms. Carter."

The complaint alleges that Bukauskas has even gone so far as to contact Carter's family members and business associates with demands about her tour schedule, saying he "is clearly becoming more aggressive in his attempts to get close" to her.

"Ms. Carter had been hopeful the conduct of defendant would cease or at least become less threatening to her, however, the conduct has escalated and has now reached a level which involves her minor child and her family," the complaint states. "She can no longer hope that his conduct will cease without court intervention."

Carter is seeking an injunction and a temporary restraining order against Bukauskas. Courthouse News Service was unsuccessful in attempts to contact him. Neither Carter nor Bukauskas has commented publicly on the matter.

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