Former teen idol David Cassidy is accused of driving drunk, again.  The former 'Partridge Family' star was arrested during a DWI check stop Wednesday in Schodack New York by Tom Jones. He was arraigned and released on $2500 bail but he'll have to be back in court September 4th.

Cassidy was actually pulled over for failing to dim his lights at the checkpoint where the officer, who's names was Tom Jones picked him up.

Cassidy has come a long way since his 'teen idol' days. This is his second DUI.  A few years ago he was charged in Florida for weaving in traffic.


Schodack New York is near Albany.  He told police he was traveling through the area with his girlfriend while on vacation.

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Mr Ding-A-Ling Arrested For Drunk Driving

You can't make this stuff up. Mr Ding A Ling, Phil Hollister of Amsterdam was arrested over the weekend for DWI. Police say he swerved his ice cream truck into an oncoming car early Sunday morning. To make matter worse, it was a police car!