Mary Yoder, via Dateline NBC
Mary Yoder, via Dateline NBC



NBC's Dateline will shine national spotlight on the local murder case that had everyone talking and sharing their own theories of what really happened.

Dateline's special, Poisoned, takes a closer look at death of Mary Yoder, the subsequent investigation and Kaitlyn Conley.

Dateline's two-hour look at the case will air Friday night at 9 p.m. (eastern) on NBC.

Dateline's homepage includes this description:

''The unexplained death of a beloved chiropractor becomes a criminal investigation when authorities discover she’d been poisoned. Detectives focus on her own family before an anonymous letter leads them to the unlikeliest of suspects. Andrea Canning reports.''

Kaitlyn Conley was ultimately convicted of manslaughter in Yoder's death. That verdict came during the second trial in which the jury also returned a not guilty verdict on a charge of murder. Conley's first trial resulted in a hung jury on the murder charge.


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