ABC drama series Big Sky already features Reba McEntire playing recurring character Sunny Barnes for its third season, and the show just got even more country: Darius Rucker and Lyle Lovett have signed on as guest stars.

According to Deadline, Rucker and Lovett's characters — who will make their appearance in an upcoming Big Sky episode — are partners. Rucker plays Possum, a "hired gun" who operates under the cover of nighttime, and works in tandem with an expert tracker named Tex, played by Lovett, with a talent for music.

Together, the two characters will bring a foreboding new element to the already-ominous story unraveling as part of Season 3 of the show. This season's story arc revolves around an investigation helmed by private detective Cassie Dewell (played by Kylie Bunbury) as well as local law enforcement, in which the team attempts to solve a series of mysterious disappearances that have taken place in the rural backwoods of Helena, Mont.

Meanwhile, McEntire plays enigmatic back country outfitter Sunny Barnes, who, together with her husband (played by McEntire's real-life boyfriend Rex Linn), owns the Sunny Day Excursions backpacking company. But when campers start to go missing, Barnes and her business fall under scrutiny — and the jury's still out over whether McEntire's character in this show is a villain.

Big Sky airs on Wednesdays on ABC.

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