When kids don't listen there are consequences. A boy who was suppose to be doing his homework got caught playing Xbox instead. His older brother ratted him out and the results weren't good, for the boy or the Xbox.

Dad received an email from the teacher saying his son was failing. So the deal was no games until his grades improved. When dad found out he was playing Xbox from his oldest son he marched into the house to dole out the discipline. "You've got to be kidding me. That kid does just not understand. The guy's got no brains at all."

"You were told not to play Xbox. What are you doing" asked dad.

"It's almost done," his son replied. "I did a lot today. I was just taking a break."

Fed up with his son not listening dad brought the Xbox outside and smashed it. "That's what you get for not listening to me. I'm not playing games with you."

Boys being boys, he blamed his older brother, who replied with, "Maybe if you did what you were told, this wouldn't have happened."

When will kids start listening? At our house it was somewhere in the late teens. We just had to take away her cell phone a few times.

Have you ever taken something away from the kids as a form of discipline?


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