Country music is all about having fun, and having a positive energy. Dave McElroy radiates that in every single thing he does.

Dave draws inspiration from everything and everyone. He got introduced to the music world at the age of ten. Dave would wake up at dawn to work with his father selling and repairing farming equipment. During those days, the 8-track deck in his dad’s truck introduced him to the honest storytelling of Kenny Rogers, the spiritual emotion of Dolly Parton, and the haunting sadness of Hank Williams. These tunes, and the smell of coffee instantly take him back.

Dave’s positive attitude is truly infectious. In the hour he stopped by our studios, he was laughing and making everyone in the building have a positive day. I was tired and cranky, and instantly started laughing and smiling just talking to Dave. Dave is happy because he knows he is blessed. His faith is central to everything that he does. He does not take anything for granted. He's a very good family man, and a talented musician.

He stopped by our studios to show off his latest single "Nowhere With You":

Dave McElroy is definitely a name you will grow to love in country music. His poitive attitude, and story telling is amazing. We wish Dave the best of luck on a very strong career ahead.



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