Every Saturday morning, Kari highlights some of her favorite new country songs during the new 9 a.m. show, Country on the Rise.

From new songs by artists you already know and love to tunes from country up-and-comers, Country on the Rise covers the industry's latest gems and gives them their much-deserved spotlight.

Here are Kari's featured songs for Country on the Rise's February 27 episode.

Stephanie Quayle - "By Heart"

Know your favorite person by heart? This soft, swinging single from Stephanie Quayle is the perfect song to dance to with in the kitchen with your sweetheart.

Elvie Shane - "My Boy"

Bring on the waterworks. Elvie Shane's parent-penned single "My Boy" navigates the heart-filled relationship with a stepchild, and will certainly give any person in a similar scenario chills.

Dylan Jakobsen - "Don't Ya Think?"

Fans of Dylan Jakobsen are getting another taste of his upcoming album "Set Fire to the Night" with his most recent release, "Don't Ya Think?" The single touches on making the most of each day, especially in times where the headlines seem to be nothing but negative, and being intentional about your time.

Chase Rice (feat. Florida Georgia Line) - "Drinkin' Beer. Talkin' God. Amen."

Lookin' for the perfect 'chillin' in a truck bed with your buddies' song? You got it. We love this collaboration between Chase Rice and the boys in Florida Georgia Line.

Mae Estes - "Roses"

Ever just need a good 'screw you' song in honor of any unhealthy relationship you've ever had? Enter Mae Estes' "Roses." She's getting some much-deserved love on TikTok, and is certainly an artist to watch.

Brett Eldredge - "Good Day"

If you need a smile, watch this video for Brett Eldredge's newest single, "Good Day." In the midst of everything going on in the world, from politics to a global pandemic, it's important to remember that we'll get through this together (with a lot of kindness), and that better days are ahead.

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