There are some people in New York who are pushing to end rodeos here...for good.

Linda Rosenthal is an assemblymember in the Manhattan district who is pitching certain techniques that have been associated with rodeos in the past come to an end.  These techniques include sharpened spurs, calf roping, and electric cattle prods.

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She tells The NY Daily News, "“Rodeos are modern day gladiator games – blood sport masquerading as entertainment. Make no mistake about it: Bull riding and other rodeo events are not family-friendly entertainment."

However, opponents to her bill are inviting her to join them and actually see what happens at a rodeo.  Steve Ammerman is the spokesman for the New York Farm Bureau.  He tells Press Repbulican, "We encourage Assemblywoman Rosenthal to actually attend a rodeo and meet with horse owners before sponsoring what may be a well-intentioned, but misguided and unwarranted bill."

Already, New York is behind other states when it comes to shutting rodeos down.  According to Press Republican, California already bans the use of shocking prods once an animal is in the chute. Rhode Island has banned all calf roping. Nevada, meanwhile, has banned steer roping.

Will New York be next?

The question is, "Is there a way to make rodeos safe for animals and maintain the entertainment value for the fans?" Or are they safe enough already?


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