With the boom of the craft breweries, many land owners began to experiment with growing hops. Now that Governor Cuomo has started the conversation on legalizing pot in New York, could it be the next cash crop for farmers?

Many of the states where legalization has already seen approval, government officials have turned to traditional farmers to seek input on growing and harvesting crops. The website, Marketplace.org, featured a look at Colorado's market and in particular, an operation called The Farm.

Like a plant breeder attempting to make a sweeter apple or a hardier tomato, he crosses strains in the search of the perfect variety, ready to fold the best performer into the company’s lineup. “Plant vigor, smell, aroma, taste, anything that you can imagine really. Yield is a big one for sure,” Lipton said.

There's a long way to go before New York approves marijuana legislation. In announcing his annual budget, the Governor announced funding for the DOH to study  the health and economic impacts. Massachusetts has already approved legalization and New Jersey appears to be nearing doing the same. That leaves New York stuck in the middle of the two states. At the opposite end of the discussion is the Federal Government, where  the Attorney General's office has vowed to overturn the law in every state.

What are your thoughts, should New York legalize pot? Will there be a positive impact from an economic level is the state is able to tax and profit from the sale?


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