The community has come together to help a farm family who lost almost everything in a devastating barn fire.

Dozens of animals died in the tragic fire on Purpose Farm in Baldwinsville, New York. The Seabrook family also lost over $5000 worth of hay, animal feed, all the tack, tools, and the family’s car in the blaze.

Over $50,000 has been raised to help the family get back on its feet. "The Seabrook family would like to thank everyone for your donations, your kind words of support and your prayers," Purpose Farm shared on Facebook. "They are exhausted and overwhelmed, and still meeting with the fire marshall and insurance adjuster, as well as trying to figure out exactly what they need going forward."

In addition to monetary donations, volunteers have delivered enough feed and hay for the next couple days. Since there is nowhere to store more supplies, more donations aren't being accepted just yet. "Your offers of help are so greatly appreciated, but the fire department has stressed that the property is not safe for the public to come onto yet. As the Seabrook family comes up with storage solutions and develops a wish list of items needed, we will keep you all updated."

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Video footage of the first shows a hawk got in the barn to prey on smaller birds. The family said Pete the Peacock heroically tried to save his flock by chasing the hawk out. Tragically, the hawk knocked the lamp off as he flew away, starting the fire.

All that remains lays in ashes, devastating Sandra Seabrook. "I feel this guilt," she told between tears.

"I see their faces. I hear their cries. I'm mad at myself for not opening the door in time."

If you want to help, you can donate on the Purpose Farm's Facebook page, make on online donation at or you can send a check or money order to:
Purpose Farm
1454 West Genesee Road
Baldwinsville NY 13027

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the incredible outpouring of love, sympathy and support," the family shared. "This is a terrible low point for Purpose Farm, but your kindness is lifting us up."

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