The holidays are all about giving back and an entire community in upstate New York banned together to help feed, clothe and house a homeless man.

Deane is from Connecticut and recently came to Plattsburg, New York because his mother has been hospitalized in the area. He has had several encounters with the Plattsburgh Police Department. "Deane is homeless, hungry, in recovery and has fallen on desperate times," the Plattsburg Police Department shared on Facebook. "And desperate times call for desperate measures."

Officer Noel was called to Maplefield's Restaurant to check on the welfare of a man who was standing outside in the cold, for a long period of time with no hat, no gloves and no coat. "After speaking to Deane, Officer Noel went into the restaurant, bought Deane a hot coffee and a winter hat and tried to help Deane get emergency housing. Officer Noel told no one of his kind gesture."

The following day Officer Miller noticed Deane standing on Bridge Street with only a blanket around him to keep him warm and a new navy blue winter hat on his head, the same hat Officer Noel gave him. "Deane was brought inside the Awakening Remnant Church and was given a nice donated Carthartt coat and a pair of gloves."

Several days later two members of the community noticed Deane was walking every day. "They hooked Deane up with a men's mountain bike."

Deane found the Plattsburgh PD Community Service Center and was looking for help. Deane was greeted with a hot coffee and he had a place to get warm. "Out of nowhere a Plattsburgh City employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, bought Deane a nice fresh hot meal."

Deane was filled with gratitude. "I haven't had a meal in over three days," he told the city employee. "I can not thank you enough for this."

Photo Credit - Plattsburg Police
Photo Credit - Plattsburg Police

Deane was then put on the right path to get him emergency housing. "Another phone call was made and our friend, Denis King from Champlain Valley Family Center will be assisting Deane with long term housing," Plattsburg Police said.

"We would like to thank everyone involved in helping Deane get food, shelter and other assistance. We are a community that cares, just ask Deane....he'll tell ya."

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