Cody Johnson's new album Ain’t Nothin’ to It is a web of songs about love and emotion, but there's only one that always makes his wife, Brandi, cry.

“'Ain’t Nothin' to It’ is her favorite song,” Johnson tells Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex, speaking of the album's title track. "Every time it gets to the part where it says, 'If you hang on, the years unwind, and you'll get to see your blushing bride turn into a beautiful 35 or 45 or 55.' It makes her tear up."

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And rightfully so, because for Brandi and Cody, seeing those years unwind hasn't always been an easy process. "We've been through a lot," Johnson admits. "We got married really young."

In the early years of their young marriage, Johnson recalls that his dreams meant his wife stayed home taking odd jobs to pay the bills while he chased a music career.

"I don't care who you are, if you are married, you've been through something," he insists. "You've had those rough patches or hard times when you can't understand each other or see things eye to eye."

But it's in those times, Johnson says, that you must persevere.

"You have to remind yourself, 'Do I quit and just bail out like a lot of people do? Or do you stick it out for the sake of sticking it out because you know that the outcome on the other side is worth it?'” Johnson reflects.

He's made his choice.

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