If Central New Yorkers could send one Christmas wish list to Santa Claus, what would it look like? Here's what we think CNY would ask Santa for.

We tried to some up with things that would affect everyone in CNY.

In case you can't see the list on the photo, here it is:

  • All the potholes in the area fixed
  • A big, shiny new hospital in Downtown Utica
  • No new hospital in Downtown Utica
  • A pedestrian bridge over Oriskany St near the Utica Aud
  • Snow for Christmas instead of brown
  • A Trader Joe's
  • More craft breweries
  • The world to recognize how amazing our iconic food is
  • Syracuse basketball to make the Final Four
  • To hit a jackpot at Turning Stone Casino
  • VIP tickets to FrogFest

What do you think, is this a good Christmas wish list for Central New Yorkers?

What else would you add to the list?


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