Here in the United States,  we celebrate National Doughnut Day on Friday, June 2nd. While everyone is munching down, we'd like to take a moment and imagine if our towns and cities were different doughnut styles and flavors. 

Clinton- Red Velvet

Red Velvet donuts are truly a work of art. They are a classic, very much like Clinton. Clinton is full of amazing art, and a rich history, just like the rich taste of a Red Velvet doughnut.


Cooperstown- Apple Cider

Cooperstown each and every fall has a home run with the Fly Creek Cider Mill. It's natural that a town known for baseball and apples would be the apple doughnut.


Waterville- Powdered Doughnut

Waterville may be Central New York's home of the best farmers around. Many men and women work hard each and every day, and may get covered in some dust and dirt. What better way to celebrate Waterville than with a powdered doughnut?


Yorkville- Jelly Bun

We just opened the biggest debate of all: Is the Jellybun a doughnut? We aren't saving lives here at Big Frog. For the sakes of this list, it's a doughnut. Why? Because Yorkville is known for Holland Farms, that's why.


New Hartford- Boston Cream

New Hartford has so many different shops, restaurants, and a whole bag of things to do at any time. Why not shove so many amazing things into one spot? Isn't that the idea behind cream filled? Well, it is here.


Rome- Chocolate Iced

Chocolate glazed doughnuts are classics. Rome, the Copper City, is a classic. Put the two together, and bam. You have one heck of a city with one heck of a doughnut. Everyone loves Rome, and everyone loves chocolate.


Utica- Strawberry Frosted

The City of Utica is always changing. It seems to be growing stronger and stronger every day. We decided to pick a bright doughnut for Utica. Yes, we could have went with something with beer, but why not something bright and smooth?


Old Forge- Cruller

When you step into the Adirondacks and go through Old Forge, you are transported back to a simpler time. You are instantly transported to a beautiful place, no matter the time of the year. We chose a classic style doughnut for a classic location in Central New York.




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