If towns and cities across Central New York were Star Wars planets, which planets would they be?

Throughout the entire Star Wars series, movies and books, there are tons of planets to compare to Central New York regions. Here's our list:


Forestport Would Be The Forest Moon Of Endor

Endor is a planet in the Star Wars universe best known for its moon, the famous forest moon featured in Return of the Jedi. The Moon was famous in the movies for massive trees, and massive coverage. Forestport has very tall trees, and plenty of woods and coverage.


Utica Would Be Yavin 4

Yavin 4 was home to the Rebel Alliance's main military base in Star Wars. We picked this to represent Utica from the basis that the planet had a city, and plenty of woods around it. Utica is at the foothill of the Adirondacks.


Verona Would Be Dagobah

Dagobah is a world of murky swamps, steaming bayous, and petrified forests, resembling Earth during the Carboniferous Period. Why would this represent Verona? It doesn't represent the whole area, but does closely resemble the Verona Swamp.


Boonville Would Be Hoth

Hoth is one of the icy/snowy worlds in the Star Wars universe. It served as a home base for the rebel alliance at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. Boonville is the snow capital of Central New York. The residents embrace the winter, and love the snow. The rebels embraced the snowy world in Empire.


Old Forge Would Be Naboo

Naboo is a planet with a mostly green terrain, beautiful lakes, and wonderful country sides. Old Forge has beautiful beaches, beautiful camping, and plenty of amazing views.


Sylvan Beach Would Be Kamino

Kamino was an ocean world in the Star Wars universe known for its water, and rain. It seems during the summer you will find plenty of boats on Oneida Lake at Sylvan Beach. However, it seems plenty of rain hits it during the summer.


Little Falls Would Be Geonosis

Geonosis was a rocky desert planet where battle droids were manufactured, and the site of the opening battle of the Clone Wars. The planet is known for it's rocks, mountains, and plenty of rocky terrians. Little Falls has plenty of hiking options high above the city.


Westernville Would Be Kashyyyk

Kashyyyk was a planet in the Star Wars universe that was a forested home world of the Wookiees. The planet had plenty of lakes, and woods surrounding it. Westernville borders Lake Delta, and plenty of wooded areas.


Herkimer Would Be Lah'mu

Lah'mu was a remote planet with black sands, where Jyn Erso and her parents go into hiding in Rogue One. The planet had plenty of diamonds hidden in the black sands. Herkimer is well known for Herkimer Diamonds, hidden in the grounds of Herkimer.


Rome Would Be Alderaan

Alderaan was the home of the characters Princess Leia, Bail Organa, and Tycho Celchu. It was destroyed by the Death Star's superlaser. The planet was extremely beautiful, with plenty of devoted citizens. Rome has plenty of devoted citizens, and even those who move away, always reflect on how amazing Rome is.


Clinton Would Be Bespin

Bespin, aka Cloud City, was a major source of tibanna gas, a fictional material which is refined for production and transport in Cloud City and used in hyperdrive coolant for starships, as well as in the production of firearms. We chose this as Clinton for how beautiful the city was in the movies, and how beautiful Clinton is every day. Cloud City produced gas, Clinton produces art.


Woodgate Would Be Devaron

Devaron was a Forest planet with an ancient Jedi Temple featured in Star Wars Legends, and Star Wars The Clone Wars. There is no doubt that Woodgate is full of plenty of forest, and plenty of amazing stops on your way up North.

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