What is the May featured drink at Applebee's? They are celebrating the month of May with the iconic $1 Dollarita.

This $1 classic is served in a 10-ounce mug with tequila and a classic Margarita mix.

“The DOLLARITA taught America that $1 is an unbeatable price for a cocktail. Where else can you find a good Margarita for only $1, all day, every day?” said Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage and innovation at Applebee’s. “Some might say this is too good to be true, but to them I say, margaritas never lie.”

Applebee's reminds you that price, participation and availability of the Neighborhood Drink of the Month may vary by location, and guests must be 21-years old or over to enjoy responsibly. Void where prohibited.

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