11 year-old Owen Jassak has been helping veterans since he was 4 and his efforts have earned national recognition.

Owen was chosen to receive the Children Have the Power to Empower Award, that recognizes and showcases children and their outstanding acts of goodness.

Owen Jassak received the Children Have the Power to Empower Award for the outstanding acts of goodness he continues to perform helping American military veterans receive the care they deserve by raising awareness of the needs of our veterans and vital funds for Sitrin’s Military Rehabilitation Program. At an early age, Owen has learned the importance of serving those who have served our country. With passion and dedication, he has raised more than $40,000 to help make a profound difference in the lives of veterans. Owen has been the top fundraiser for his local Stars & Stripes Run/Walk and founded a flag fundraiser to honor our heroes.

Photo Credit - Cheryl Jassak

"It is so awesome to click on the link and there he is among all other kids in the USA," says Owen's mom Cheryl.

Owen is one of several kids throughout the United States who received the honor this year. "I'm beyond proud of all Owen does to help our veterans. He loves doing what he does. Children do have the power to empower."

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Photo Credit - Cheryl Jassak