A new year brings new opportunities, but for Cledus T Judd, it brings a new life. After almost 15 years, the comedian/singer has decided to retire from the music business.

Judd made the announcement on Facebook, saying 'My goal when I went to Nashville in the early 90s was to make my mommas dream come true to meet Vince Gill. I did that!!! My dream was to be on TV, I did that! My dream was to stand on big stages and sing my silly little songs that I help create and bring life, I did that! But now its time to put those songs to rest!'

Judd's life hasn't been all sunshine and roses. He's 'failed miserably in my marriages and relationships! I have been a drug addict, I've been a suicidal, I've been made fun of, I've been called a liar and a big dreamer, but one thing I never did was give up!!'

Moving forward, Judd hopes to take his story to any audience that will listen. He's hoping his story will inspire others to follow your dreams, no matter how ridiculous others may think they are and to never give up.

Judd is also working on writing a book about his life, from a rough childhood to Nashville stardom.

Proving money can't buy happiness, Judd finishes his post with, 'I spent most of my life looking for happiness in million dollar homes and hundred thousand dollar cars when all along it was all inside a five dollar bible momma gave me when I was a kid!!!! Now its finally time I start reading it!!!'

We wish Cledus all the happiness in the world and hope he can find peace as he continues to raise his daughter. You're laughter and songs will be missed.

Read Cledus T Judd's Retirement Announcement


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