Would you ever consider drinking at church? I mean, drinking beers during service? A weird concept for many, but a completely normal one for those at the The Greater Purpose Community Church.

On the churches website, you'll find a message that says "We pour with purpose." NBC Bay Area reports that every Sunday, the parishioners join to pray, listen and drink beer.

"There’s nothing in the bible that says you can't drink alcohol in a responsible manner," VanHall said. "Why not serve beer when they're reading bible verses? I thought it was genius," said food lounge owner Andrea Mollenauer."

Everyone drinks responsibly, having a glass of wine or beer in a comfortable atmosphere where "people cannot only listen to a progressive take on theology but can also engage in conversation."

Currently, the church is building a restaurant and brewery in downtown Santa Cruz.

30% to 60% of our profit will go to charities such as Planned Parenthood, the Homeless Garden Project, the Diversity Center, and Save Our Shores."

During the week, you'll find southern-style comfort food with vegan and vegetarian offices. On Sunday, the church will host service before opening up to the public.

Like our church, the restaurant will be open to be people of all faiths/no faith, gender, sexual, and ethnic-racial identities. #AllMeansAll"

Could we see beer in church here in Central New York? Seems like a "different" concept.




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