The Christmas light house in Rome won't be lit this holiday season.

Jon Maggiolino and Becky Price cancelled their annual display on N James Street in Rome this year. They're too busy with an early Christmas gift. "Santa is bringing us an early Christmas present this year. We won’t be able to have a light show this year."

Photo Credit: Becky Price
Photo Credit: Becky Price

Jon and Becky have been decorating their home for the holidays for several years and it's a lot of work. Jon sets up more than 25,000 lights, usually sometime in October. Becky programs all the holiday music to the lights, controlling each strand which is very time consuming.

This year, they're spending that time getting ready for their new bundle of joy that was due to arrive November 30th. "He hasn't come yet but he should be here any day now," says Becky.

Congrats to the happy couple who say they are excited to become parents but are disappointed the lights are gone this year. "We are missing the light show as much as everyone else. Pulling up to a dark house has been so strange this year."

Wait til the baby arrives....

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