Chris Janson has said "Done" his favorite song he's ever written and a career turning point, and he's not just getting wrapped up in the personal emotions of the uptempo love song.

"Done" is the Janson's story with wife Kelly. Recently Janson told Taste of Country Nights about seeing her for the first time as she walked the steps at Nashville's Melrose Billiard Parlor. He told a friend he was "done" and that he was going to marry her. Before long he'd mostly quit his renegade ways, sharpened his songwriting focus and committed to her as a husband and to her kids as a bonus dad.

Personal songs often make favorite songs, but they don't always make great songs. Give credit to co-producer Tommy Cecil for rounding the message into a surefire country radio hit. While rooted in traditional songwriting, the rhythm and warbling electric guitar lines of "Done" add contemporary accents that support Janson's fine storytelling. This sounds like a song Blake Shelton would jump all over if he'd had the chance, and that's quite a compliment given the star's 21st century success on the radio.

What makes this Janson's finest vocal showcase to date is its accessibility, however. "Holdin' Her," another song inspired by Kelly, was until now his gold standard in this category, but with "Done" Janson leaves room for everyone's emotions to finish the narrative. It's like he paints the main subjects and background on a canvas, then leaves a brush and pallete behind for us to do the rest. That is game-changing for him, and it's the reason why he's right when he tells Rolling Stone Country the song is his "turning point."

Did You Know?: Mitch Oglesby, Jamie Paulin and Matt Roy helped Janson finish "Done," the second single from his Good Friends album.

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Chris Janson's "Done" Lyrics:

Done / The first time I saw you, done / Like the first dance was through, I was done / That one kiss, I knew / There was nothing I wouldn't do / Just to give you.

That house on a hill with a four-plank around it / Every last breath until the last star is counted / Just say the word girl, paint me you're perfect / I won't quit 'til the good Lord says my work is / Done, like a faded out song on the radio / Done, like the cowboy gets the girl when the credits roll / I'll give you a lifetime of days in the sun / Whatever you need and you want, I won't stop 'til it's done.

Done / All the hell I was raising, done / All the careless heartbreaking, done / For the chance that you’re taking / I spend my nights praying / And all my days chasing.

Repeat Chorus

You know I won't stop 'til it's done / You need a man you can lean on, done / You need some faith you can hang your dreams on / Check 'em off one by one.

Repeat Chorus

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