Karter Bouffard is making a difference one yard at a time. The 10 year-old Chittenango boy has taken on the 50 Yard Challenge, vowing to mow 50 lawns for the elderly, disabled, veterans or single mothers.

Rodney Smith Jr. of Alabama started the challenge after seeing an elderly man struggling to mow his lawn. Karter joined the challenge after hearing about it on TV. "I like to help and do what I can for others in my community," says Karter.

Kids who take on the Challenge are sent a white 50 Yard Challenge t-shirt. They get new colors for every 10 yards they mow and Karter is 2 away from 30 yards and getting a green shirt. When the challenge is complete, Karter will get a visit from Rodney. "He's going to give me a lawn mower, a leaf blower and a weed eater."

Photo Credit: Tina Marie Wittwer Bouffard/TSM

Karter could use that new lawn mower too after staring with a push mower. "He had a mower without a motor and then he switched to one with a motor," says Karter's mom Tina Marie.

The Challenge doesn't end when Summer does. "You can shovel driveways in the Winter too," says Karter who plans to take on that challenge too.

If you want to join Karter, make a sign saying you accept the 50 Yard Challenge and post it on the Raising Men website. If you want Karter to mow our yard, visit Karters 50 Yard Challenge on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Tina Marie Wittwer Bouffard/TSM

This isn't the first time Karter has given back. 2 years ago he and his brother Sammy collected hats, scarfs and gloves to hang on trees in parks around Madison county for those who may need it.

Karter is our 'Hometown Hero,' for putting others first. If you know someone who reserves to be recognized for their random act of kindness, email Polly@bigfrog104.com.

Photo Credit: Tina Marie Wittwer Bouffard