Those who love the animal barns at the Great New York State Fair will be happy about this news - The chickens are returning!

If you're a regular attendee of the Great New York State Fair, you probably noticed the chickens, roosters, and other fowl were missing last year. There were no competitions and no open barns to walk through involving these animals.

Why was that?

There was actually a very important health reason behind it. According to,

The agriculture department had banned the birds to prevent the spread of strains of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), which killed millions of birds across the country in 2014-2015...

Even though no cases of avian influenza were found in New York, the disease was found all over the country - in 20 states, and even in places in Canada. To protect our state, it was decided it was best not to have the fowl at the fair.

As of yesterday however, the ban has been lifted. And with the ban lifted, the state fair will be needing participants. If you have chickens, roosters, or other fowl that you would like to enter in one of their competitions or to have at one of the exhibits, click here.




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