With a late Thanksgiving Day this year, we now find ourselves in December, already! With the busy weeks ahead of Christmas shopping, holiday parties and family get togethers, what kind of weather will we have for December? Let's take a look.

Shoveling Snow Could Cause Some Health Problems
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

According to my favorite source, "The Old Farmer's Alamanac 2014" (which contains December 2013 weather predictions), here's how December in central New York shapes up:

"Average temperature: 29 degrees (3 degrees below average)

Precipitation: 3.5 inches (.05" above average)

Dec. 1 - 4: Lake snows, cold

Dec. 5 - 6: Rainy, mild

Dec. 7 - 10: Lake snows, cold

Dec. 11 - 15: Rain and wet snow, mild

Dec. 16 - 19, Lake snows, cold

Dec. 20 - 28: Rain to snow, then lake snows, very cold

Dec. 29 - 31: Snowy, not as cold"

Bundle up, and keep a shovel handy!

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