There's one cartoon that is the epitome of the holiday season arriving, and that is in fact Charlie Brown. The Thanksgiving special, the Christmas special, it is a sign that the season is finally upon us.

Well, I guess Christmas is going to be here before we know it. Christmas themed shows are starting to be announced and the one involving the Peanuts gang is stopping here in Utica.

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Mark it on the calendar, coming to The Stanley Theatre on December 20, 2022 is “A Charlie Brown Christmas Live On Stage!”

Produced by Gershwin Entertainment, “A Charlie Brown Christmas Live On Stage” is a fresh take on the timeless classic that gives the audience a completely new way of experiencing the storyline as portrayed by real actors who maintain the integrity and spirit of each Peanuts character.

Tickets for the show are on sale now, start at $47.00 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster or by calling The Stanley Theatre Box Office at 315-724-4000.

The show is perfect for all ages according to their website, but if you're wondering the average age of kids who attend the show - it says it's between kids age 4 and age 12.

And, in case you're wondering - the show has really great reviews.

"What a fun, nostalgia-inducing show! The live music was fantastic, the iconic characters were delightful (especially Snoopy), and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommend for the whole family!"

"Snoopy stole the show! Great performance, such excitement and enthusiasm, plus an original song that shows off their talent. Great for kids and adults."

Will you be getting tickets to the show? After all, it isn't the holiday season without Charlie Brown.

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